This Emotion Is WAY More Important To Men Than “Love.” What is it?

Relationship Expert And Coach James Bauer reveals the shocking emotion men need WAY more than love to be happy in a relationship . . . the real reason guys “pull away” and a simple trick any woman can use to pull your romance back from the brink of destruction in just 3 short seconds.

Did you know there’s one thing men want a LOT more from women than “Love?”

It’s true . . .

In fact, if a guy’s NOT getting this ONE thing from the woman he’s with, he’ll start unconsciously pulling away and sabotaging the relationship without even knowing it . . . no matter how much you love him (or how much he loves you) . . .

Heck, I bet you’ve had this happen to you . . .

You met a guy . . . fell madly in love with him . . . opened yourself to him . . . gave yourself to him . . . loved him FIERCELY and did everything you could possibly think of to make him yours and make him happy . . .

But then . . .

Slowly (or not so slowly) he started to pull back . . .

He lost that amazing smile he used to get every time he saw you . . .

He started finding excuses to NOT spend time with you . . .

And eventually he left . . . probably just as confused as you were about why things didn’t work, leaving you heartbroken, forced to start again and wondering how you could give a man so much and have it still not be enough.

I’ll tell you right now it’s not your fault. It’s because no one ever told you what I’m about to tell you . . .

See, after helping thousands and thousands of couples find real love that will last forever, I can tell you without a doubt that a man will never be satisfied and will never truly COMMIT to you unless you give him this one thing . . .

So What Is This “Magic” Emotion Men Need So Much More Than Love?

I’m going to tell you right now (and you may want to skip directly to this special video if you want a more in-depth explanation) but before I do I have to warn you: this emotion that is SO important to men isn’t the same thing that’s important to you as a woman.

You have to remember that men experience relationships VERY differently than women do and because of this the issues that strike men the hardest and drive them away may seem petty or small to you.

OK, here it is . . .

In a relationship, the absolute most important factor to a man’s happiness, his enthusiasm for the relationship, how romantic he is with the woman in his life, how much he feels a drive to make you happy and how committed he feels (so he’ll never even think of cheating) isn’t how much you LOVE him (which isn’t that important at all, actually), it’s how much he feels like you RESPECT him.

Confused? Let Me Explain

In my early twenties I met two women who both seemed interested in me.

They were both incredibly attractive but that’s the only thing they had in common (as you’ll see.)

The first woman (we’ll call her Janet) was sitting at a table with me and eight other acquaintances when she made her approach. This may seem a bit ridiculous, but remember we were in our early 20s and still basically just kids. She was giggling a lot (she almost always did) and talking in hushed tones for a few seconds with her close girlfriend sitting beside her before she turned to me and said, “I bet you would look really good with your shirt off.” She had a silly grin on her face when she said it and turned bright red.

The other woman (we’ll call her Nicole) approached me one day as we both exited a building and headed down a sidewalk after a social event. She walked beside me for a moment, making small talk before changing her tone of voice slightly to a more serious tone. She said, “I was really impressed with what you said to Bill and Sarah last week.” She turned her head and looked me in the eye at this point, and continued, “Your wisdom’s going to take you a long way in this world, you know.”

Can you guess which one of these women got my attention? Can you guess which of these women I developed INTENSE feelings for? Was it Janet or Nicole?

The truth is, they both got my attention, but only one made me to feel deeply respected and even admired for what I was doing with my life and trying to contribute to the world.

The moment I felt that incredible respect from Nicole, I could suddenly see visions of myself in a long-term relationship with her . . . having kids with her . . . growing old with her. Being happy forever with her.

Right then and right there I felt this overwhelming desire to welcome her into my life and promise my heart to her.

Feeling her genuine respect, I suddenly felt a deep trust for her and a need to be the kind of man who would never lose the deep respect she seemed to hold for me.

Sarah got my attention too, but I felt like she saw me as some kind of plaything. I believe she had a genuine desire to pay a compliment, but I did not feel respected. I felt she was not respecting “me,” the deeper me, the real me. And from that day on I saw her as a woman I wouldn’t mind having a physical relationship with but who I could never truly commit to.

Now For The Important Question: How Do You Show Your Guy The Kind Of Respect That Inspires Him To Be The Dedicated, Powerful Addicted-To-You Man You Crave?

IMPORTANT WARNING: Whatever you do, don’t just read this article and then go around coming up with compliments for your guy: I’ve seen way too many women go this path and have it blow up in their face.

Showing true respect to your man (in a way that causes his love for you to overwhelm him so he thinks about you all day and would rather cut off his own arm than cheat on you) can’t be done with just words.

You have to demonstrate your respect for him in ways his subconscious mind automatically picks up without him even knowing it.

This is actually a really hard concept to explain without a lot of examples and detail. That’s why I put together this special video for you explaining the profound power of respect on the hearts and minds of men . . . and exactly how to use respect to bring the SPARK, adoration and COMMITMENT into your relationship you’ve been craving . . . no matter how long its been missing.

I call what you’ll learn in this video “The Respect Principle” and it’s the single most important thing a woman can learn to guarantee a long and happy relationship with a man.

To watch the video and learn the secrets of “The Respect Principle” right now, just click this link:

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As a professional dating coach, there are few things I have to offer women that have a more deep and powerful effect in their lives. Respect matters to men in ways women just can’t see (without a little training in male psychology). If you’d like to learn how to implement this concept in your own relationships, follow the link below to the presentation I put together on The Respect Principle.

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Wishing you the best in love and life,

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