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Why Men Leave Women They Love

Men don’t leave women they love for someone else… it’s to BE someone else. You need to know the most powerful factor that decides who a man ultimately chooses to spend his life with…

You know it was real.

He loved you. He may not have said it, but you felt it.

And he left anyway.

If you’ve ever dated a guy who lost interest, you might wonder if it was something you did wrong… especially if you felt a real connection with him before the passion faded.

Why would he leave when you know he felt something?

Are you lacking some quality he saw in another woman?

Did he decide you weren’t “good enough” for him?

If you’re thinking this way… STOP. Because it’s not your fault.

As a dating and relationship expert of many years, I know it’s hard to keep positive when he pulls away…

But here’s the surprising truth…

Men don’t leave women they love for someone else…

it’s to BE someone else…

Let me explain… (And listen closely because this is HUGE)

You need to know the most powerful factor that decides who a man ultimately chooses to spend his life with.

Have you ever noticed that you change depending on who you’re spending time with?

It’s because different people bring out different sides of your personality.

Like a diamond with many facets, the light you reflect back at others changes depending on your surroundings (who you’re with).

Some people just bring out the best in you.

This impacts how every man responds to you.

In other words, if a man likes who he becomes when he’s with you, he wants to be that person more often.

Which means he wants to be in your company more often…

…Maybe even for life.

Look at it this way…

A BIG part of attraction for a man, is how much he enjoys who he becomes when he’s in your presence.

You probably know this is true because you’ve seen it in action. But here’s what most people don’t know…

There’s a simple shift you can make that automatically makes men feel incredible around you…

…so much so, that he’ll start craving your presence and feel an irrational desire to be around you at all times.

And the best part is, you don’t have to change who you are.

It’s all about a subtle shift you can make in your words and actions that makes him feel like the man he wants to be.

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can do this when every man is so different, right?

Well, would you be surprised to learn that there’s one desire that affects EVERY man in a relationship?

A desire so hardwired in him that he’ll leave a woman he’s in love with if he’s not getting it?

A desire that’s stronger than his fear of commitment?

And what if I told you I have seen men transform overnight because of one simple shift that a woman can make to satisfy this hidden desire?

Here’s what this is all about:

Men have an unnatural craving to be admired and respected.

It’s not so much an ego thing as it is a relationship thing.

Men have an inborn instinct to only form lasting relationships when they see themselves as a provider.

No matter how much he loves you, he’ll never fully commit unless he feels like your respect his ability to provide for you.

I call it The Respect Principle, and you may want to skip directly to this special video if you want a more in-depth explanation, but I’d like to explain why it works.

You see, men can’t feel loved and inadequate at the same time.

Many times a man will feel a growing sense of love…

But without respect, he’ll start feeling confused, and it’s only a matter of time before he pulls away.

If you’d like to understand how you can use the respect principle to grab a man’s attention and make him irresistibly attracted to you, watch my special presentation where I reveal the truth about what men secretly want.

It’s possibly the most powerful and least understood key to making a man fall head over heels in love with you.

Simply watch this video to discover how easy it is to make this simple shift…

…then notice how quickly your man becomes obsessed with making you the center of his emotional world.

The respect principle is easy once you know how it works…

And you can skip past years of trial and error and start seeing results as soon as today.

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